About Jack

As a Spirit Baby, I was numbered among the valiant, choosing brother Jesus and being born into the Church. Somewhere after puberty, I was made to feel like a dirty whore for masturbating. Then I did the research, and guess what? It was all bullshit and it was bad for me. I now offer Post-Mormon therapy in the form of comedy. I know it hurts, there’s a wound there. Let’s pour some salt in it. Laughter will be our antiseptic.

Produced by Krystal Moore, self-proclaimed Prophetess and High Priestess of the Apostake. Featuring talent that has escaped the cult of their youth and found a way to make art with the trauma.  On a mission to visit every major city facing Mormon-Mecca and laugh with our fellow sons and daughters of perdition.


Full disclosure; I did not earn these magic underwear, they were donated to comedy.