After-Show Thoughts

As I sluggishly come down from the high of an amazing show, I am left introspecting on many things. This was an incredibly cathartic experience for me, as I know it was for many of you (or will be in the future).

It’s incredible to come together and connect with humor and heart. I hadn’t realized how I have missed that connection and community… NOT that I want to now, or have ever been an active member of my community – I am not. I’m alright on the outside. That’s where I’m supposed to be. If I come inside too long, I can lose my perspective. Introvert as I may be, I was moved in February when I saw so many of us online, and more passionate now watching it grow exponentially every day!

Some of my favorite comments after the show were:

“This. We need this.” From an old Bishop.

“Thank you so much, this did not disappoint!”

“I left chewing on so many things… now that’s good comedy.”

And now I’m left chewing on so many things. One of them being the very human need to perform rituals, whether that’s at alters, in temples, concerts, festivals, or shows. We need to come together with a story that unites us and experience that together.

Another thing I’ve been chewing on after this show is how the church is scared of the Apostake. The most recent “modern-day revelation” about the name of the church is anything but a well thought out strategic move. This one is reactionary. The church paid millions for a PR campaign #ImAMormon not too long ago. Recent enough that you wouldn’t have dropped that cash if you were going to stop using the term entirely. This tells me that we are making waves.

Truth will, in an ocean of lies. My heaviest thought to chew on is the first one I had when the idea of this show came to me. It is that the proverbial field is white and ready to harvest. Now is the time for this. Not just this comedy show for those of us who escaped the cult, but time for the members to open their cages and walk out into the glorious light of reality.

The last thought mulling around my noodle is just a humorous observation. Their brainwashing ends up backfiring hard on them once a person pulls back the curtain. It’s like they’re training the perfect army for defeating them. LOL

Keep on sinnin’ sinners!

By The Jack Mormon

Straight Outta Darkness, Comedic Prophet, Seer, and Hie Priestess of the Apostake, Krystal Moore presents an hour of laugh-therapy featuring cult-escapees. We are Latter-Day Sinners.

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