Meet The Apostates

Who still sings Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel?

Our Fearless Leader (or so she would like to think):

SisterKrystal Moore

Actor, Comedian, Storyteller, Badass Mother F#@ker. Writer/Producer/Etc of Doctor Who Velocity, Jack Mormon Comedy Hour. Purveyor of formidable mom-eye.


Our Featured Comedians:

Brother KC Hunt

He’s not sad, he’s fucking hysterical! Producer of Liquid Milk Comedy Stuff, which produces several monthly shows every month at Liquid Laughs in Boise.


Sister Sherry Japhet

Writer/Stand Up Comedian/Actress/Voiceover at Sherry Japhet Comedy


Sister Merry Cole

Powerhouse. Surprisingly healthy sexuality. Matriarch. Hysterical.


Brother Ian Owens

Gentle Giant and lively comedian.

Brother Taber Johnson

Comedian, Teacher, Rat-Dad


Sister Laura Renee

Still a do-gooder. Retroactively excommunicated for insubordination… sure it’s not a cult.


Burlesque Performance:

Elder Muff Jones

Co-Producer of Make em’ Blush Burlesque, and the sexiest Daughter of Perdition to ever fall from Kolob!