Calling All Black Sheep

Is there no place in God’s fold for you? Join your fellow Apostates for a sacrilegious sacrament that will make your heathen heart howl with delight! The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour is my attempt at making lemonade, scratch that, a whiskey sour outta the lemon that is growing up Mormon.

Fall General Conference in BOISE is honored to be hosted by The Balcony Club on OCTOBER 1! Get your TIX before they’re gone!

Revealed to you by:

Krystal Moore – Self-Proclaimed-Prophet


Merry Cole – Relief Society President

Danni Petersen – Ward Choir Director

Myles Mathews – That Kid in Primary with a Bag of Goldfish on Fast & Testimony Sunday

Lyxx Atomic – The Ghost of a Witch Baptized by a Mormon Kid

Mock Testimony Meeting immediately after the show! Come & bear your true testimony!


Self-Proclaimed Prophetess Talks To NPR

Sister Krystal C. Moore

talks to Gemma Gaudette about her experience in the church and out, as well as how she started The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour For Latter-day Sinners… because, ain’t we all?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is known for its devout followers, with many raised within the church remaining actively religious. Comedian Krystal Moore never fully felt like part of this community, but now draws on her experience to connect and bond with other former members of the church.

Gemma Gaudette, Idaho Matters, Boise State Public Radio.

Listen here.


Highlights From Kolob!

…I mean the Jack Mormon Comedy Hour for Latter-day Sinners!

Thank you so much to the heathens that got up and bore their testimonies. If I were still a spiritual person, I’d feel very blessed. I’m grateful for each of you and your courage.


Enjoy the highlights reel!


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The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour (Boise | Feb 18)

Straight Outta Darkness, these Apostates are fighting the cult one joke at a time. Bring your heathen testimony! We’re doing a Mock-Testimony Meeting after the show! BYOMU* Hosted by Hie Priestess of the Apostake, Krystal Moore | Featuring: Brother Taber Johnson | Brother Ian Owens | Sister Merry Cole | Burlesque Number by: Elder Muff Jones | *Bring your own magic underwear!