Highlights From Kolob!

…I mean the Jack Mormon Comedy Hour for Latter-day Sinners!

Thank you so much to the heathens that got up and bore their testimonies. If I were still a spiritual person, I’d feel very blessed. I’m grateful for each of you and your courage.


Enjoy the highlights reel!


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The Jack Mormon Comedy Hour (Boise | Feb 18)

Straight Outta Darkness, these Apostates are fighting the cult one joke at a time. Bring your heathen testimony! We’re doing a Mock-Testimony Meeting after the show! BYOMU* Hosted by Hie Priestess of the Apostake, Krystal Moore | Featuring: Brother Taber Johnson | Brother Ian Owens | Sister Merry Cole | Burlesque Number by: Elder Muff Jones | *Bring your own magic underwear!